Inspiring people to instigate changes.

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Our Cause

We are committed to create a self sustaining livelihood for the underprivileged and marginalized by empowering them to achieve social and economic independence. We stand by the oppressed and aim to be the voice of the voiceless.

Our Vision

We envisage a just and fair society rooted in moral dignity and value for all. We shall be the torchbearers to instigate changes for the overall betterment and to bring a fruitful purpose to the lives of the down-trodden.

Our Values

We firmly believe in inclusivity, equity, respect and integrity. Creating a healthy environment that enables to completely utilize the creative and innovative ideas of the involved shall be given utmost care to and all values for the same, fostered. Donate for a cause:

Long Term Impact

We aim to rebuild lives by involving people in our projects and mega drives. Our various projects, focusing on mutual growth and empowerment shall be the means to achieve reliability, reason and respect for the reviving in the long -run.

Our Team

Nikhitha Sara Daniel


Nikhil G Daniel


Gokul Krishna R


Marwa Fathima K N

Head of Human Resources

Fathimathul Hanna

Head of strategic Operations

Sona S Varghese

Social media coordinator

Krishna G

Head of content operations

Aleena M H

Head of public relations


Core team member

Sherin Elsy Behanan

Core team member

Alan Sam Varghese

Core team member

Archa Raj TR

Core team member

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